The Attacca Quartet prides themselves on creative community engagement wherever they perform.  

To build excitement for upcoming concerts in various communities the quartet will perform "pop-up" performances at local restaurants and popular gathering places like parks or shopping malls. 

In the concert hall, Attacca believes that the "4th wall" between performers and audience should be broken down as much as possible. Engaging with the audience through speaking is an extremely important aspect to how the quartet connects with new audience communities. This typically happens through preconcert lectures and/or briefly introducing the personal significance of pieces directly before being performed.  

At schools and universities the quartet frequently performs interactive performances with students which break down the brilliance of their repertoire in personal, fun and exciting ways. For example, at an elementary school, the quartet performs "Storytelling with Attacca" in which the quartet collaborates with with the students in creating an elaborate musical narrative inspired by a specific piece of music.  

In a high school the quartet would offer a more broad and personal look at the string quartet repertoire - demonstrating the more personal/emotional connection each composer and piece has to the members of the quartet. 

The group frequently performs children's concerts for all ranges of ages.